The 11 Best Personal Development Blogs to Follow

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Personal Development isn’t a quick and easy fix. We would even say that to fully understand how it works, guidance is necessary. Why? Some things speak for itself, while other, mostly mindset and thinking related development, need to develop over time.

Coming here, searching for a list of personal development blogs, therefore, is a step in the right direction.

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The need for personal development is necessary at every phase of life. However, to do this, you need motivation.

Without the proper motivation, it can get difficult breaking out of that cycle. Therefore, it’s difficult doing something worthwhile with your life. For a lot of people, motivation is not an easy thing to come by. Even for those who do find it, it is even harder to maintain that motivation.

This is why we have compiled a list of the top best personal development blogs. The blogs are in no particular order.

11 Best Personal Development Blogs

personal development blogs to read

1. Zen Habits Blog

This personal development blog is from Leo Babatua. The blog is focused on exploring simple ways to enjoy life and be even more productive while at it. The blog style is conversational, and it is very easy to read, understand, and apply in real life. Finally, it is great for people who need easy to follow practical ways of enjoying their lives and living it to the fullest.


This blog is owned by Henrik Edberg, who mainly focuses on topics that have to do with self-confidence and making life less stressful and simple. Therefore, the content in this personal development blog jumps out at you with a lot of wisdom. Therefore, We would highly recommend this one to people who are under a lot of stress or have issues with self-esteem. In addition, the blog style is simple and positive to understand, so that you can implement it your own life.

3. Bold And Determined Blog

This blog is one that truly lives up to its name. It is bold and determined to pass along its message to its readers. It is owned by Victor Pride, and he largely focuses on winning strategies for different areas of life. Where you want to win in business or you are struggling with a personal battle, this blog is one that you should certainly follow. The style is motivational, personal, and practical, making it easy to relate with.

4. James Clear’s Blog

James Clear’s Blog is one that focuses on and developing yourself personally. From changing your mindset to changing your behavior an even forming new habits in order to be a better version of yourself. Also, this blog is free of advertisements and other forms of distraction; it is completely clean and easy to read. Are you looking for sure proof ways with great techniques to be a better person and have a better life? Then this personal development blog is definitely a must-read for you.

5. Addicted 2 Success Blog

From the name of this blog alone, I think it is quite explanatory. What it does not say, however, is that the variety of content is as vast as they come. This blog preaches on how to reach success in everything you do. For example, cleaning your home to as big as changing the course of your life. This personal development blog is owned by Joel Brown, whose style is motivational and inspiring.

6. Mark And Angel Hack Life Blog

The Mark and Angel Hack Life personal development blog can be best described as one that is packed with life advice. This advice is focused on improving the relationships that we have in life and developing the courage that is needed to become a success in life. This blog-style is encouraging and motivational, easy to read an even easier to apply. So, if you are looking for how to have better life relationships or how to find the courage to be successful, then this is the blog for you!

7. Tim Ferriss’s Blog

Tim Ferriss is a master of designing a lifestyle, which he reflects on his blog. This personal development blog is filled with different types of life hacks and lifestyle designing experiments that help you to create one for yourself. It is simply brilliant. The style is motivational and inspirational and helps you with opening your eyes to see things that you never even knew were possible. This blog should be followed by people who need to make changes in their lifestyles to not only be happy but to be successful as well.

8. Think Simple Now Blog

As the name implies, this personal development blog is focused on helping you to see simple ways of making profound changes to your life to be successful. The content in this blog ranges from living a simple life to learning how to be a speed reader and even gives you some relationship advice. The bits of advice and solutions that are offered in this blog are all simple but high quality for real-life issues. If you are looking to make changes to your life to simplify it, then this blog is one that you should follow. As with every other thing about this blog, the style is simple, easy, and light. It is owned by Tina Su.

9. The Art Of Non-Conformity Blog

This blog is one high powered and very motivational personal development blog. It is owned by Chris Guillebeau, and this blog is focused on pushing your boundaries. The message of this blog is challenging and would cause you to question the rules and authority. It would help you break out of your shell and explore more about your life. Finally, this blog would cause you to question your purpose and how to achieve it. This blog is perfect for people who are looking for a way to break out of their mold and push against the confines of society to reach their peak.

10. Get More From Life Blog

Scott Young certainly knows what he is talking about when you read his personal development blog. It is focused on making sure that its readers never settle for anything in life and always thrive for more. This blog is highly motivational and inspires the quest for more. It brings out a sort of thirst for life that is very refreshing. To summarize, this blog is great for people who are feeling stuck at any phase or point of their lives and need the motivation to push for more.

11. Brian Tracy’s Blog

This is one personal development guru, and his personal development blog is just as packed with as much motivation and inspiration as in his books. This blog focuses on showing you ways to achieve more than you already have. His techniques are very easy to relate with and easy to apply in life. His style is simple, down to earth and quite fun. So, if you need the motivation to go beyond that point where you already are right now in your life, then you should follow Brian Tracy’s blog.

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