Goal Setting for Teens: 4 Strategies

goal setting for teens

Hey there, let’s talk goal setting for teens! I know you probably might have tried setting some goals before, but it is okay if you couldn’t achieve them.

Not everything always works out. I want you to understand that you can’t just wake up and decide to set some goals. It might just end up flopping as others have. That’s why we’re here!

Let us teach you some essential things about goal setting for teens. We call them goal setting strategies. These strategies help you with setting goals and prevent you from not achieving them.

Goal setting for teens - Strategies

set goals

These strategies will keep you on course and help you achieve some of the goals you set for yourself. In an article of Inc. research shows that you are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down

We hope, that after reading this your goals of which you first thought were very difficult to achieve or impossible, sound more realistic now!

Here is our first strategy:

1. When setting goals you have to be very specific and realistic

I remember when my little sister wanted to belong to at least 5 clubs in high school; she really had a tough time coping with two.

I told her that 5 was quite a handful to manage, but she later discovered it on her own. If your goals sound something like “this month, I’m going to solve all Calculus questions in 12 textbooks” then you know that it is not realistic, though it sounds a bit specific.

But a goal that sounds like “this month, I’m going to solve all calculus questions in the first ten pages of my textbook”, sounds more specific and realistic.

Moving on to the second strategy.

2. You need some reasonable amount of time

For you to derive the joy and satisfaction that comes with setting and accomplishing goals, you have to give your goals some reasonable time frame. You cannot solve all calculus questions in 12 different textbooks in a month, even if you do nothing else. The time frame is simply too short.

Giving yourself enough time does not mean you should overdo it, it simply suggests that you should rightly estimate the average time required for the goal to be achieved. 

If you want more tips on time-efficiency we got an article with 23 Tips for Mastering Your Time

3. Don’t try to please people

Trying to please people by setting a goal won’t work out well. It might be quite difficult to stay on track and be motivated to perform any task or set any goal to please your girlfriend or grandma.

Just be you and do you. Set goals to improve yourself instead.

4. Expect roadblocks

Setting goals does not mean that you won’t experience some form of difficulty in achieving them. You will have to prepare for roadblocks because they will come. These slip-ups are part of the new process because your brain is trying to get accustomed to something new and meaningful. It is normal to mess up a few times, but don’t stop trying to achieve those goals, because, in the end, you actually will!

I know you have learned quite a number of things.

Why don’t you try them out? Do you want more information about setting goals? Then we recommend you to read The 5 Best Goals Setting Books You Must Read. If you’re more interested in developing yourself this list of Personal Development Books is for you!

Now, write down your goals, keep grinding and be extraordinary!

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